7 Travel Accessories to Pack for Your Next Mancation

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Summer is here and it’s probably been the longest winter you’ve ever had! Don’t you think you’re overdue for an adventure with the lads? Of course you are. But with there being such a long break from travel, you might be a little out of practice when it comes to your packing skills, so we would like to help you with that. From tactical wallets to packing cubes, we’ve compiled a handy list to help you pack for your next mancation.

Travel Accessories for Men

 mancation, tactical wallet, tactical gear

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

 In the interest of becoming a more climate friendly traveler and reducing waste when you’re on the road, having a sleek travel mug on hand means you’re never using those horrid styrofoam or paper cups, and your coffee or tea is always hot.


Ebook Reader

 Travelling as light as possible should always be your mantra, for myriad reasons. Airlines will be looking to gouge travellers wherever they can to make up for financial losses and that includes charging extra for overweight carry-on luggage. E-readers are lightweight, can hold hundreds of books and audiobooks, and are now waterproof, so you can enjoy them next to the pool, at the beach or anywhere else you might get wet.


Tactical Wallet

mancation, tactical wallet, tactical gear

 Again, in keeping with the travelling light theme, a tactical wallet is designed for the gent who is active, on the go and ultra adventurous. So whether you’re base jumping in Dubai or on a scuba diving trip in the Canary Islands, you’ll want to have one of these on your packing prep list.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

 Yes, they’re worth it. They’re worth every single penny. If you’ve been waiting a a full year or more to get away and your first overseas flight has you sitting two rows back from a family with noisy little ones, the last thing you want is to spend the next 8-10 hours drowning out their squeaks with crappy airline earbuds. Spare no expense, but do your brand research.


A Set of Packing Cubes

 If you’re Type A or you just really can’t stand constantly having to dig through your suitcase to find something, end the torture now. Packing cubes can solve all of your organizational woes in a matter of moments. Just in case you’re not totally familiar, packing cubes are organizational compartments made from fabric that come in various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. They work great for those travellers who like to fold or roll their clothing. Packing cubes are also fantastic for organizing all of your electronics, shoes and anything else that gets disheveled or lost while you’re on holiday.

Digital Scale

 Remember we mentioned those airline surcharges earlier? You don’t want to be that guy who steps to the front counter, gets their bag weighed and has some smug ground attendant charge you for having an oversized bag. Having a reliable digital scale on hand means you can weigh your bags before you leave on your trip, giving you a baseline, and allowing you to calculate how much you can bring back home.


Travel Blanket

You’ve seen those YouTube videos with all of those scary graphics discussing how many germs and how much bacteria is living in those blankets they hand out on those overnight flights. Hygiene on the road is more important than ever, and having your own travel blanket and pillow means you’re not using someone else’s dirty blanket!


The new age of travel is upon us. Less waste, more sustainability, and more emphasis on creating comfort and safety for ourselves. Travel may be a bit more expensive for the next little while as the industry tries to catch up, so do yourself and your tactical wallet a favour by travelling light, and using products that are better made so you’re not shelling out money to replace things so often.


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